Secret Cell — Encrypted Cellular Phones

Icon Software for cellular phones with which your voice travels through the whole communication network is some way it can't be understood by other people but by the persons are communicating.

Safe Communication

Be worry free when communicating with certainty that there won't be intruders whom may be recording your calls. Secret Cell has combination of the asymmetric RSA encryption algorithm and a proprietary energy saving symmetric encryption algorithm ( patented ), both of 256 bits which are of military grade. There is no way of breaking the security of Secret Cell ; it would require millions of years for being unencrypted and neither the mathematicians who developed these algorithms are the capable of breaking them.

How Does It Work?

Secret Cell offers a point to point 100% secure communication, this means, from the person which is calling up to the person which is receiving the call. The information travels in an encrypted form and therefore in a safe way through the whole wireless and wired telephonic network; for this reason it is necessary the caller and the receiver user have Secret Cell installed in their cellular phones. Nevertheless it is possible to perform conventional calls (i.e. not encrypted calls to persons not having Secret Cell ).

Technical Features

  • RSA encryption algorithm (asymmetric) for key exchange.
  • Patented proprietary encryption algorithm (symmetric) which is energy saving.
  • 256 bits of key strength.

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